Reinventing thin air.

Bar Grilles

The industries only removable magnetic core bar grilles. This is a great feature for frequent access to the ducting and simple installation. The removable core allows for easy access to valves and ducting as well as cleaning and maintenance. It also provides a concealed mounting system where fasteners can be secured through the frame's sidewall for zero visibility.


Send us a control sample for a project whether it be a stained wood flooring sample or cabinet lacquer color and we will custom match a finish to ensure a seamless transition.

Vexell offers a variety of standard perforated grilles options but also has the capacity to produce any custom pattern you can provide. We also can work in a variety of materials and finishes from MDF to solid lumber. Our goal is to help get your project complete at the highest quality so submit a request and let us work for you.

In addition to custom wood grilles products, here at Vexell we can tackle any custom millwork related project. Feel free to reach out with your next concept and we will help you make it a reality. Our custom projects range from room dividers and passage doors to cabinetry and millwork. Reach out to request a custom wood grille  or any other custom project.

egg crate grille.jpg

Eggcrate Grilles 

Eggcrate grilles are a durable and

timeless design. They offer great

strength and can be fabricted in a wide variety of sizes and proportions. Perfect for the traditional home.


Floor Grilles

Designed for heavy traffic applications these heavy duty floor grilles are reinforced to support higher loads. With a greater bar and frame thickness these wood floor grilles are a high quality solution to standard floor grilles. A border frame can be provided to install with the flooring system making the grille removable.

Residential Project:

Perforated partition with custom pattern; located in main stairwell.  

Tape-in Grilles

We have engineered a steel frame which can be installed directly to the drywall and compounded over for a seamless transition. This accessory feature is compatible with our bar grilles, perforated and eggcrate grilles. They are available upon request so please reach out to get started on your next custom project.





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