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Our linear wood bar grilles are an archetype in form and function for all duct cover applications. They offer a timeless modern aesthetic and strong durable construction. Made from solid lumber and high quality adhesives our wood bar grilles can be fabricated to meet an endless variety of applications, forms and finishes. They are a perfect compliment to any residential or commercial environment, often becoming unintended focal point.

Close Up Bar Grille Shot.jpg

Rare Earth Magnets

Removable Core for Cleaning and Mounting

3 cups


Core Styles

Multiple Bar Profiles for Air Deflection

Frame Types

Optional for 

Varying Installations

1½ cups


Linear Collection

Sturdy and handsome our linear bar grilles are our most commonly selected core type. At 0 degree deflection this core can be installed at any angle. At 1/4" thick this is our narrowest bar thickness. Selecting this thickness will produce a .25" space.


Angled Collection

The perfect solution for applications requiring directional air deflection and minimizes duct visibility. This core type features a 15 degree deflection .25" thick bar with a .25" space.


Beveled Collection

This unique profile creates a deflection internally but maintains a square appearance on the face. A 30 degree deflection with .375" face bar dimension and .25" space.

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