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At Vexell we have developed a series of specialty products to meet specific applications and installation methods. Although our standard grille products are durable and widely customizable we know there are some applications which they are not suitable. For those specific situations we have designed some products such as wood floor grilles, tapable metal frames and eggcrate style grilles. These products are not stock but are frequently ordered and have the same lead times as standard customized products. This category is ever-evolving as we are constantly designing to meet the needs of our clients.

FLOOR Grilles


The reinforced wood floor grille is a great option for pre-finished or raw floor installs. When the raw floors go in the outer frame can be permanently installed holding the opening dimension for the operable grille. Once the flooring is ready to be finished the grille can be placed back in the opening and finished simultaneously with the flooring. In the case of pre-finished flooring we offer custom finishing options where a control sample can be submitted and we will match your grilles to the custom specification for a perfect match.

Our floor grilles evolved from the standard linear bar grille I frame but feature a scaled up bar and frame thickness for additional strength. The bar thickness is .375" and the frame thickness is .5". The overall thickness is 1.125"however we offer a rabbeted frame to recieve the grille which can be install with the finished floor. The grille is machined with a mating rabbet to drop into that frame for removable access. 


TAPABLE Frame Grilles

The tapable frame is steel frame with we provide for the wood grille core. It is installed into the drywall opening and compounded to the corner bead to create a seamless transition from the drywall surround to the grille core. It is ideal fro new construction however it can be retrofitted into any opening. The grilles core is then removable with magentic catches to allow for the metal frame to be completely finished prior to the insertion of the grille core. The tapable frames can be fabricated for bar grilles as well as perforated grilles.


Linear Bar Core without frame in Mahogany


Linear Bar Core with frame in Mahogany

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