We know each project is unique so we strive to meet those demands with specifically engineered products. Here you can find drop-in grilles for wood floor applications, tapable frames for flush drywall installations and more. As always reach out if you cannot find the size or finish you need.

Specialty GRILLES


Floor Grilles

Our FLOOR GRILLES evolved from the standard linear bar grille I frame but feature a scaled up bar and frame thickness for additional strength. The grille is machined with a mating rabbet to drop into that frame for removable access. The reinforced wood floor grille is a great option for pre-finished or raw floor installs. Once the flooring is ready to be finished the grille can be placed in the opening and finished simultaneously with the flooring. In the case of pre-finished flooring we offer custom finishing options where a control sample can be submitted and we will match your grilles to the custom specification for a perfect match.


Tape-In Grilles

Our TAPE-IN GRILLES feature an extruded aluminum frame which is installed in a drywall opening and compounded over for an invisible mounting. The frame is pre-drilled and has a serrated texture to ensure proper adhesion of the joint compound. The core remains removable via magnets with either a perforated insert of bar grille insert.




Ductless minisplit?

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