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BAR Grilles


Our linear wood bar grilles are an archetype in form and function for all duct cover applications. They offer a timeless modern aesthetic and strong durable construction. Made from solid lumber and high quality adhesives our wood bar grilles can be fabricated to meet an endless variety of applications, forms and finishes. They are a perfect compliment to any residential or commercial environment, often becoming unintended focal point.

Magnetic Removable Core


The removable magnetic core option is a proprietary feature which allows the grille core to be removed from the frame. This feature utilizes powerful magnets to hold the core in place in either vertical or horizontal applications. It is a very handy function creating easy access to the duct interior for a variety of reasons which might include cleaning, maintenance and accessibility. This option is available in either frame type and any of our core options.

Another benefit of the magnetic removable core is the ability to hide the fastening method. Most grilles have screws installed through the face of the flange however with this option all fasteners can be installed through the frames interior side wall. This allows for an easy installation where you do not have to struggle or damage the grille core. This option is available in either frame type and any of our core options.


Core Types

The grille core refers to the portion of the grille within the frame. There are 3 stock available core options; Linear, Angled and beveled. The linear core has a 0 degree air deflection while the angled and beveled create a 15-30 degree deflection. The standard bar thickness in the linear and angled cores are .25" and the beveled core has a .375" face dimension tapered to .25" on the backside. Each of these core options are available in multiple frame types and also can all function with the magnetic core feature. 



A standard in architectural grilles, this core type has a timeless and handsome aesthetic. A 0 degree deflection .25" thick bar with .25" space.



The perfect solution for applications requiring air deflection. A 15 degree deflection .25" thick bar with .25" space.


This unique profile creates a deflection internally but maintains a square appearance on the face. A 30 degree deflection with .375" face bar dimension and .25" space.

BEVEL Bar Core

Frame Types

The frame type is the portion of the grille which surrounds the core. The frame type is selected dependant upon the application and method of installation. The I-frame is intended for a flush mount install where frame and finished surface are aligned. The F-frame is intended for an overlay install where the flange overlaps the surrounding substrate. Either frame type allows for the magnetic removable core option and can accomodate any of the various core options.



For an inset application where the grille and finsihed surface are in alignment.



For an overlay application where the flange overlaps the finished furface.
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